What a fab day?!

Today was awesome! The day started with, that me and my girlfriend - a friend who is a girl, Fanny (http://treschicforus.blogspot.com/), ate brunch at Sommersko. It tasted delightful, specially their rye bread with salmon.. Afterwards we were just hanging around and visiting some different shops. And OMG I touched my dream bag from Alexander Wang; Coco Duffle!! I know that the bag is really hyped, but I still fucking love the bag.
Later the day me and my mom was visiting the "make jewelry yourself" and jewelry store, Bead House. A really cool shop, but the man who helped us was very old and a little bit crazy , and everything took like an hour or something for him... I'm going to make some bracelets, which I'm going to show, when they are done (:
Afterwards we were going to Telia, because I needed a new phone.. because my phone was about four years old.. You can see my new phone above. It's kind of Nokias version of iPhone,
but it's pretty cool.. After that we were going to the cinema, because we were going to see "The Road", with our dear Viggo Mortensen. It was so freaking awesome! And very depressing and kind of gross, but sooo cool! It's a movie just for me.. I love movies like "Children of men", "2012", "The day after Tommorow" and now "The Road".
Love Veronika

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