I came home yesterday and OH MY GOD, Veronika has done some miracles on the blog! Really, WOW! My trip to Sweden was very nice, we went skiing all day long and drank hot chocolate! Sweet.. After the trip I am in a totally summer-mood! Argh. And shopping-mood. Again! Fortunately for me my lovely friend Emma will be living at my place all week! So we can go shopping, can't wait. I'm gonna buy new shoes, I have this mazing plan (I hope), but I will show it to you guys later.. I have a new plan for my hair.. Blond curls.. What do you tink? I posted some pics, but maybe the hair is too white...? Hmm.. Xoxo Benedicte

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  1. Blond curls.. Do it, do it, do it!! (:
    Det kunne være så flot til dig.