Hey you guys! Just want to let you know that Veronika and I changed our blog to http://www.fashionspeakslouderthanwords.wordpress.com/ ! We will keep up the blogging and the good mode, and we hope that you will check it out! love (lots of it) from Veronika and Benedicte !


Wants to be as warm as you

a very realexed, uninspired look for the day .. ps. I found a new great place to take photos. look above, love the light! my outfits are just so boring those days. I can't wait to get some new clothes in paris, few weeks away (; yayyy! and I can't wait for the day where the sun will warm us all, and I can wear my new maxi from Acne. can't wait!
love veronika

Do You Know That Feeling ...

... when you wanna change you wardrobe completely? I do. I'm not talking about the changing of wardrobe because of the weather changes. NO, I'm talking about style changing. like lots of other girls I have been walking around with the question; who the fuck am I, and what the fuck is my personal style? it's very irritating, and it costs a lot of money, because of all my miss-sellings. But now, now I maybe think I got it. I think I'm more to the quality clothes, and not so colourful and fippet. I'm not the girly type either, with girly dresses and so on .
so the next days, I'm gonna post up some things I wanna throw out.. there are for example two pairs of shoes, which I'm gonna post about later.

but does any of you know the feeling, I'm talking about?

love veronika

New stuff!!

I have just board some new stuff today (: this fabilous nailpolish, Chinchilly from Essie. I'm gonna show you it on, later. and then I've just ordered some new shoes from New Balance. because they are sold out EVERYWHERE! so they will come in about 3-5 days. goodie goodie!

right now I'm listening to Charlotte Gainsbourg, love her, on my MacBook.
love veronika



Click at the title, and see this video! Karl Lagerfeld, innovative as usual (: I wont say more, just see it!
love veronika

Please Stop, It's Silly!

I just got home from our family walk. I love the sun! but on our way home, we heard a lot of noise. and then we saw a wide range of people, and there was lots of smoke around them. we was wondering what the situation was about, but we couldn't figure it out. so the first thing we did, when we got home was to turn the television on. and then .. it was those freaking (hooligans) soccer fans. i hate them!! and it still sounds like it's a war, or something. why can't they just lock all of the soccer struggles down for a while.. because it's not okay!! i can understand people who gets upset by the treatment of the 3. world or something, but soccer?? come on.. and until that, it was such a beautiful day!! sorry for my bad vibes :(
love veronika

Le Soleil Brille

I'm gonna go now.. my sister is visiting, and all the family are going for a walk around søerne. But I'm gonna ride to you later! so see ya, and remember to enjoy the beautiful weather.


a little bit tired, but happy

The dancefloor is a little bit empty, and I'm looking a little bit tired? The picture is taking
by Elizabeth in the beginning of the party.

This (weekend) had been wild! I held a party, friday, for lots of girls - Fanny and Mille from http://treschicforus.blogspot.com/, Elizabeth from http://fashion-raw.blogspot.com/ and lots of other girls. I was wearing my awesome leo from Acne and black stockings. It's great to be around only girls for one night. We danced (a lot), drank, ate chips and Ben&Jerry icecream. delicious! It was just so great, and thanks for a special night. After the party was over, three of my girlfriends was sleeping over :) And we was playing a ... game. fun fun fun! and we was first in bed at 07.30!! ps. Benedicte, Aja(a sweet girl from the same class as Benedicte) and I were having a free professional make-over in MAC in Magasin. I got some light eyes and dark lips!

So today .. or yesterday, it's sunday (01.49 am), was just very slow. Everything was in slowmotion. And my voice is almost gone, and none of my friends takes me seriously with my voice. just great. I saw "Alice in Wonderland" today, with some of my classmates . It was really cool, but I thought it was a little short, and I wanted to see more of Johnny Depp, but despite those facts, I loved it ;) Has any of you seen it?



Paris, here I come

I'm going to Paris in about two weeks. And I can't explain how much I look forward to walk up and down the streets of Paris. I have already been there, but I was about five or six years old, soo, I can't remember a thing. Yearh, my memory sucks.
But I was wondering if any of you have some adresses for some good shops or something, it could be great :)
Love Veronika

A new upcoming?

source: models.com

I was just checking the webside, www.models.com, out and then I saw this new upcoming model. I love her look - very innocent and natural, but at the same time her eyes makes her special. And I love her white skin, just beautiful!
Love Veronika


I want to have one, like Ingrids!

I've been wanting a piercing in my ear, like the one Ingrid, from anywho.dk just got, for a quite long now. First I wanted to have one in the nerve above the place where you used to have a earring, but it's very risky, soo.. and this is so cool, too.
My goal is gotting it before I'm going to the gymnasium :) I hope my parents let me do it.

Love Veronika

Burberry Prorsum Me!

How can't you fall in love with those extreme platforms? My favourites is the pair with knots, in the middle. I know that those platforms are really hyped, but then I saw at our blog, and I couldn't find one picture of them.. And that is a must! So now you can see that I'm on that wave.
Love Veronika
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my precious

I just got delivered this fabilous dress from Acne today. But the length and the sleeves are a little bit too long, so I'm gonna sew it up hopefully tomorrow . I'm sorry for my bad blogging those days, but I'm gonna go for it from now on!
Love Veronika


As the great fan og Liberty of London I am, I couldn't be more thrilled about their cooperation with MAC Cosmetics. Liberty makes some amazing paterns, and I find them very inspiring!  Give Me Liberty of London, MAC. Prices between 12-25$ for Make-up. Love Benedicte
Ps. This and next week you can get a free make-up consultation at MAC's in Magasin!


Sorry sorry sorry! I know I'v been really bad at writing lately! This week it's because I'm sick. Very sick ..
But this friday i went shopping, uh and the things I bought! Unfortunately I forgot all my new clothes at my dads! But you will see pics, promise!

COS is one of my favorite brands, and this season they have sooooo many good things! They make some amazing details, and uses fantastic materials. Their clothes is very minimalistic, so you can used it as it is, or you can style it up with accessories! The dress on the picture above would be really great with an eyeshadow in one of the seasons many pastels, perhaps a purple with a little glitter in, or a pigment powder. On the other picture I think the patches on the elbows gives a great tuch to the look (they have also put patches on part of the womens collection.) If you want to se more check http://www.cosstores.com/, or the store in Ny Østergade.
Ill kisses Benedicte !


OlD pHoToS !

Some old photos ! The reason why I'm showing you them, is because I'm sick, so I don't feel like taking a picture of me right now.. And I don't think my outfit is so inspirational either.

Love Veronika

my dream outfit for the day 1*

ps. I want this maxidress in blue/white

I have been riding about both of the pieces (clogs; Zara, maxidress; Acne), and they would fit perfect together ! :)
I served some money yesterday, so I think I'm gonna buy the dress soon .. Maybe on next Wednesday? I hope I have the money.
Love Veronika


acne acne acne cravings

source: http://neonsignsofhappiness.wordpress.com/ and http://shop.acnestudios.com/

All the pieces are from the swedish brand Acne. Love them all!
Love Veronika


In for the Kill

I just board those fantastic shoes by Sonia Rykiel pour H&M :) and I love them!
The first time I saw them on the webside, I thought that they was pretty cool, but that was all .. But then I met Fanny, from http://treschicforus.blogspot.com/, and she was wearing them , and they looked just fabilous. They are so much more beautiful IRL :) And I was wearing my new bustier today .. One of the boys asked confused: "Are you wearing a bra, outside your clothes", and then my only answer could be; "No, it's a bustier!" haha
Love Veronika

Pants: Baum und Pferdgarten, Bustier: Topshop, Necklace: Fashionology, Sandals: Sonia Rykiel pour H&M


tatoos for the win ;)

source: http://www.thetrashedfashion.com/

Just find my jacket for the spring

I just stepped by Weekday's webshop, and saw their new collection. There are so many beatiful stuff! And I would like to buy all of it :) But my favourite pieces was the two pairs of sandals above (specially the first pair, it's a wedge) and the suede jacket with fringes - reminds me of the old western .. That is so gonna be my jacket for the spring - feels good to say. Spring. But I just have one problem, I love them both.
Which colour do you like the most? Light or black?
Love Veronika
ps. the third pairs of shoes, is really cool too, and Emma (one of Claudia's models, from http://imnotambrosia.blogspot.com/) have them.

Again ?!

Sorry! Forgot to post the picture that belongs to "Again?!".. Great job! Enjoy.


Macaron inspired rings from Boucheron

J'adore j'adore j'adore MACARON! Nothing get's me inspired and creative like watching pics of these cakes. I don't have a favorite, I have MANY! They taste soooo good, and are a must if you are in Paris.. Well I just wanted to spread a little taste of macaron over the blog.

Again ?!

Sorry you guys, but I'm posting outfits again. It's an obsession! This outfit is my favorite so far. It's all the things I can't wear (buhuuu). Leather jacket in a really really really coooooool yellow. Watch in orange (I loooove watches, but my arm look so twisted with them on..) High dr. Martens boots (won't tell you how my foot looks in that..), my all-time-favorite shoes from Mr. Jacobs, I think it's genius! To make a ballerina into a mouse?! I love it. And of course mixed with some nice jewellery and skinny black jeans. C'est bon!


I just saw this dress at http://highstreetheels.blogspot.com/, and it's totally my dream dress!!
It's from H&M and it should come to the stores in a few months. I will put it with some high sandals with wood heals and lots of jewelry.
Love Veronika

Benedicte in Dyrehaven

I just wanted to show you this gorgeous pic of Benedicte by me.. Love it! (: And it reminded me of summer, with trees WITH leaves, I look forward to that day.
We took a lot of other pics that day, and it was so frozen, because it was in the late fall.. But we were having a great time with Chocolate fondue (:
Love Veronika

The difference between a leopard and a human

(sorry for my strange right hand)
Another outfit for the day (:
Love Veronika

Leopard dress: Acne, Wool cardigan: Acne, Belt: Moschino,
Another cardigan: By Malene Birger, Jeans: Cheap Monday, Scarf: Pico