All I want

Is a chanel tattoo.. O.M.G... You can't get them in DK, but if you are going on a trip to Paris, London or New York or an other great cities this is a must. Ca. 410 Dkr.

Sometimes, you just want to be a little bit smaller,

Source: http://www.fashiontoast.com/
because I really want to wear a pair like these .. But then, I'm gonna be a GIANT!! so it's completely excluded :( So I just gotta stay positive, because looking at this pic makes me happy.. haha - or something ..
Love Veronika

Zara cravings

Source: http://isabellathordsen.blogspot.com/

Those shoes is really beatiful and really special. I love the first pair with all the fringes, and the second pair is really cool, too.. But they could be more beatiful, if the look-a-like-sock was gone. So I could wear them with my own socks, like Burberry Prorsum, which looked sooo good!! (: Love Veronika


Tree and jewelry

source: http://adelinerapon.blogspot.com/

Love Veronika

I Wish I Had...

I found this fabilous webshop; http://www.oaknyc.com/ and they just have so many beautiful things!! The pieces above was, what I thought was the most beautiful..
Love Veronika

nothing but feathers

I made those shoulderpads in the holiday, and they are just what I wanted.. but I don't know how to put them on a shirt. Because I don't wanna sew them on, because I want to switch, so I can put them on different pieces. Does any of you have an idea??
Love Veronika

Jump so high that you can touch the sky

However, I have borrowed this wonderful wool jacket from my sister. I love it, and it's so comfortable and warm! (: Which is more than great in these cold days (but I heard in the radio that the weather is getting better from now on (; ). Anyway sorry for all the pics, it's seems a little selfish .. It's just because I coudn't decide, haha .. So this was my finally option.
Love Veronika

Wool jacket: Tiger of Sweden, Boots: Hunter, Cardigan: Månestråle, Scarf: Pico, Blouse: Monki, Cross necklace: Fashionology, Jeans: Cheap Monday

Summer, where are you?

The body..
The amazing dress.. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry..
This spring/summer I'm gonna be gracefull...Inspired by the 50's, with the main ingredients: laces, pastels and underwear on the outside. I am not that sort of girl who can wear a look 100%, so I will mix it with black jeans or some sneakers (my biggest love) or flat sandals. When it get's hotter outside, I will wear A LOT of maxi dresses!! I found the most beautiful in topshop! It will be soooo beautiful with a nude nail polish. I wish I hadn't cut my hair this christmas, because it would look so nice with long curly hair... sigh... Topshop also as a lace body, wich I think would be ideal with hotpants (for the beach) ot just with out any thing looking like a bathingsuit (don't go into the water with this thing!!). Also braids (from Alexander Wangs show) are one of my many favorites thos season. If I had longer hair... Again SIGH!!!! Well please summer and sunshine come soon! I'm running out of sweaters and jeans..


clogs.. but these..

You can say, that I'm not the biggest fan of clugs. Off course there is some exceptions - Alexa Chung (that girl can wear anything) and some other girls can wear it, but overall, that trend is not me.. But then I saw those clugs at http://caroline.feber.se/, and I don't think that they are so bad. I love that there are a little bit of a chunky rubber sole underneath them (:
What do you think about the trend?

Love Veronika


I just wanted to show you, my turban. I board it some weeks ago from ebay.com But when I finally got it, and I tried it, I just felt so bald. And it is so sad, because I think it usually looks so good.. Look at Maria from vanillascented!! Gorgeous!!
Love Veronika


This was my look of the day. It's not so often I'm wearing a dress, but sometimes you just need to wear something different. That's the same reason why my hair is up (: Maybe it's a little bit to girly for me, I don't know..
Love Veronika
Dress with flowers: Baum und Pferdgarten, pink petticoat: Culture, Black wool cardigan: Acne, Stockings: American Apparel

I Just Had To...

... Show You Those Pics!
I've wanted a maxidress for a long time now, and I know that there is a lot of different types, but non of them was The One. I just want a simpel one without any patterns. Like the one Gala is wearing. Navy, what a beatuiful colour (: Maybe I should do a DIY project? Has any of you seen one looking like hers?
The shoes above her, is a pair, Elise wore to the Burberry Prorsum show. I just wanted to show you them, because I think they are so genious! But I could never wear a pair like those because (they are probably impossible to walk in and) I am 1,75 cm.. And those shoes would make me to a giant, a head taller than all of my girlfriends and the boys. Do any of you has a comment to this??
Love Veronika

Sweet Sweet shopping

Sorry sorry sorry! I know i haven't been posting in like two weeks! My lovely friend Emma has been staying with me all week, it was so fun. Well on friday (in a week) I'm going shopping, I hope, cause there is so much I want from this season. A cool denim overall from Mango, a t-shirt from 5preview, a skirt and a tanktop from Mads Nørgaard and much more! Uhh I can't wait. I would also like to buy a new bag, i found some in magasin from a new brand. I think it's a bit old school, but I like it!
This weekend me and my family are gonna celebrate my grandfathers birthday, so I have a lot of time to take some pics. What are you gonna do this fab weekend?
Lots of kisses Benedicte


We all need inspiration

Those photos are some I had in my iPhoto, inspiration is never bad! (almost) take what you can. Love Veronika
Pic from http://vanillascented.freshnet.se/, http://am-lul.blogspot.com/, http://stylebykling.tv4.se/ and a photo of Alexa Chung, lovely


Healthy or unhealthy

I haven't eaten any kind of sugar in the holiday, and afterwards my plan was to cut my needs for sugar ... but it's not that easy, because my mom was supporting me in the holiday, but now when I am on my own, it's really tough! Today I ate a whole pack of waffles from Urtekram, not the warm kind, but the kind which is almost like biscuits, nam nam .. (: But I don't wanna go back, fall back to my normal rhythm.
Love Veronika


I'm usually wearing all of the silver rings, as a lot of other people I LOVE rings, huge rings.. but I think it's really difficult to find someone which is big and beautiful. Do any of you know any stores or webshops who sells big and beautiful rings??
Love Veronika
Fashionology - DIY - H&M - India - From my mom


This bustier is magical

When I saw Ingrid, from Anywho.dk, wearing this bustier I knew that it was a piece that I needed to wear this spring! So I have just ordered it from topshop.com (: I can already feel that I'm a happier person, and I already know when I'm gonna wear it.
Love Veronika


Well, I can't see the big differents! and it's was not the colour I wanted AT ALL!!! :(
So I'm gonna go down to the hairdresser again tomorrow. I hope that they can change it ..
Love Veronika


Back to reality

Tomorrow is school time. There are a lot of good things about it - I'm gonna see my girlfriends and dance classes and paint classes (can you even say that? don't think so, but I hope you all understand) are waiting by the corner (: But ... school, not so great, but I just gotta stay positive, because what can you do?
I hope that you all had a great last holiday day! I was sitting by the table, making homework, almost all day .. Yes, a very good way to spend the day! hmmm, yearh well, but it was okay, when you are drinking tea nonstop and listening to good music.
Love Veronika


I came home yesterday and OH MY GOD, Veronika has done some miracles on the blog! Really, WOW! My trip to Sweden was very nice, we went skiing all day long and drank hot chocolate! Sweet.. After the trip I am in a totally summer-mood! Argh. And shopping-mood. Again! Fortunately for me my lovely friend Emma will be living at my place all week! So we can go shopping, can't wait. I'm gonna buy new shoes, I have this mazing plan (I hope), but I will show it to you guys later.. I have a new plan for my hair.. Blond curls.. What do you tink? I posted some pics, but maybe the hair is too white...? Hmm.. Xoxo Benedicte

Are you addicted to love? No, I'm addicted to Acne

I really love Acne! Somebody says that they are afraid that they'll never be satisfied enough with the boys they'll meet, after they have 'met' Edward Cullen aka. Robert Pattinson. That's how I feel with Acne.. The brand was, are and will always be my first love. At the time, I love lots of pieces from their old and new collection, but as I just skim their webshop - I need to get those pieces. The first one is a dress, I have been looking after for a while. The fringes is so cool. And the cardigan is something I already have in black, but I use it everyday, so I would love to get it in a Bone White. It could be perfect this summer.
Love Veronika