Baum und Pferdgarten!para

Last week me and the rest of my class and my parallel class was in many different internships (danish:praktik). I was a whole week with the crue Baum und Pferdgarten. And it was so awesome! And I learned a lot about my future, and I'm totally gonna be some sort of a designer (: The last day, when I was about to get out of the place and get home, one of the designer; Helle Hestehave, stopped me and gave me some invitations to their opening of their new shop in Vognmagergade, tomorrow. I invited my blog partner; Benedicte, and my dad because he's is the person who procured this intership-place to me. We both look forward to see what's gonna happen. Lucky us, that we are not going to school either, yes!
With the invitations, she gave me a pair of socks. They are not even in production yet. You can see them above, I just love them, and I'm totally gonna wear them tomorrow (:
love Veronika

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