Summer, where are you?

The body..
The amazing dress.. Sorry the pic is a bit blurry..
This spring/summer I'm gonna be gracefull...Inspired by the 50's, with the main ingredients: laces, pastels and underwear on the outside. I am not that sort of girl who can wear a look 100%, so I will mix it with black jeans or some sneakers (my biggest love) or flat sandals. When it get's hotter outside, I will wear A LOT of maxi dresses!! I found the most beautiful in topshop! It will be soooo beautiful with a nude nail polish. I wish I hadn't cut my hair this christmas, because it would look so nice with long curly hair... sigh... Topshop also as a lace body, wich I think would be ideal with hotpants (for the beach) ot just with out any thing looking like a bathingsuit (don't go into the water with this thing!!). Also braids (from Alexander Wangs show) are one of my many favorites thos season. If I had longer hair... Again SIGH!!!! Well please summer and sunshine come soon! I'm running out of sweaters and jeans..

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