Karen by Simonsen a/w'10

Goodiebags (: With a lot of goodie stuff; ex a MAC mascara, Redken shampoo, Karen by Simonsen catalog and a fantastic fabric bag.

Gala, Pelayo and Didder Rønlund - I think they are following me (:

I'm sorry that I didn't post about the third show yesterday, but I was drawing the whole evening, so I totally forgot. But you can see it now. As you can see the third sow was Karen by Simonsen, she is one of the girls from Munthe plus Simonsen, but they split up. The stylist behind the show, is a girl called Alexandra, that I know. A really talented and beatiful girl. I liked the twist between the raw and the feminim. It looked really great.
Love Veronika


  1. åh. karen by simonsen. lovely . !!

    , http://itssolastseason.blogspot.com/

  2. yearh! the only thing I can do, is to agree (: love it!