a little bit tired, but happy

The dancefloor is a little bit empty, and I'm looking a little bit tired? The picture is taking
by Elizabeth in the beginning of the party.

This (weekend) had been wild! I held a party, friday, for lots of girls - Fanny and Mille from http://treschicforus.blogspot.com/, Elizabeth from http://fashion-raw.blogspot.com/ and lots of other girls. I was wearing my awesome leo from Acne and black stockings. It's great to be around only girls for one night. We danced (a lot), drank, ate chips and Ben&Jerry icecream. delicious! It was just so great, and thanks for a special night. After the party was over, three of my girlfriends was sleeping over :) And we was playing a ... game. fun fun fun! and we was first in bed at 07.30!! ps. Benedicte, Aja(a sweet girl from the same class as Benedicte) and I were having a free professional make-over in MAC in Magasin. I got some light eyes and dark lips!

So today .. or yesterday, it's sunday (01.49 am), was just very slow. Everything was in slowmotion. And my voice is almost gone, and none of my friends takes me seriously with my voice. just great. I saw "Alice in Wonderland" today, with some of my classmates . It was really cool, but I thought it was a little short, and I wanted to see more of Johnny Depp, but despite those facts, I loved it ;) Has any of you seen it?


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