Sorry sorry sorry! I know I'v been really bad at writing lately! This week it's because I'm sick. Very sick ..
But this friday i went shopping, uh and the things I bought! Unfortunately I forgot all my new clothes at my dads! But you will see pics, promise!

COS is one of my favorite brands, and this season they have sooooo many good things! They make some amazing details, and uses fantastic materials. Their clothes is very minimalistic, so you can used it as it is, or you can style it up with accessories! The dress on the picture above would be really great with an eyeshadow in one of the seasons many pastels, perhaps a purple with a little glitter in, or a pigment powder. On the other picture I think the patches on the elbows gives a great tuch to the look (they have also put patches on part of the womens collection.) If you want to se more check http://www.cosstores.com/, or the store in Ny Østergade.
Ill kisses Benedicte !

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