Do You Know That Feeling ...

... when you wanna change you wardrobe completely? I do. I'm not talking about the changing of wardrobe because of the weather changes. NO, I'm talking about style changing. like lots of other girls I have been walking around with the question; who the fuck am I, and what the fuck is my personal style? it's very irritating, and it costs a lot of money, because of all my miss-sellings. But now, now I maybe think I got it. I think I'm more to the quality clothes, and not so colourful and fippet. I'm not the girly type either, with girly dresses and so on .
so the next days, I'm gonna post up some things I wanna throw out.. there are for example two pairs of shoes, which I'm gonna post about later.

but does any of you know the feeling, I'm talking about?

love veronika

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  1. sure do. unfortunatly i know it a little to well,

    loooots of love,